Coke has been known for decades to families around the world and is the most popular and recognized brand in history. Even though its producers deny it, there have been many speculations concerning the safety of the product. Since it contains a number of chemicals and other harmful substances, it can be said that the beverage is as good as a household cleaner. We don't claim, however, that Coca-Cola can substitute your well-known brands of cleaning products; we are only saying that there are certain items and surfaces that this product can clean... and do it really well.

So, if you like drinking the tasty carbonated drink and you have a few cans in your fridge, you can try cleaning a stain or two with Coke.

Here are our suggestions concerning the surfaces you can make sparkle using Coca-Cola. Check them out.

Clean the Toilet

Yup, you can clean the toilet using Coke. What you have to do is use it as a regular cleaner. Just pour a can of Coke into the bowl and let sit. Check it out after an hour. Brush well with the toilet brush. When you are done, flush the toilet. What makes the nasty germs living in the bowl disappear is the citric acid that Coca-Cola contains. If you are running out of toilet cleaner, don't sweat it. Open the fridge and grab the first can of cola you spot. You know the rest.

Remove Grease from Clothes

Coke can be helpful in removing grease from clothes too. To make this happen you need to have a washing machine, detergent and Coca-Cola. Take the clothes that have grease and pour a can of Coke. Add detergent, then run the washing machine. Make sure you do this when you have a full load, otherwise it will be in vain to put few clothes inside the machine and run it through a regular cycle.


When the time is up and the clothes are washed and dried, you'll notice that the grease has gone for good.

Clean Some Parts of the Car

Using Coke you can remove corrosion from the battery terminals of your car. Just empty a can of Coca-Cola onto the terminals. This will make the corrosion disappear.


Your car bumper needs a can of cola as well. If it is made of chrome, Coke can work out. Dip aluminum foil in Coca-Cola and wipe the car bumper with it until all the dirt is gone. Use this method to remove rust spots.

Remove Marker Stains

If your kid has been paying on the carpet with markers and you now have an unexpected stain on it, act fast. Grab a can of cola and pour a little onto the affected area. Scrub well. After that use soapy water to rinse the stain. It should be gone forever. This smart method is often used in the end of tenancy cleaning.


In addition, you can also:

  • Remove rust, loosen rusty bolts (soak a cloth in Coke and apply it to the bolt, keep rubbing for several minutes)
  • Kill snails and slugs
  • Clean your pennies, make them shine
  • Remove blood stains
  • Clean car engines
  • Clean burnt pans
  • Clean tile grout
  • Remove gum from your hair (you need to dip it in the drink and let it sit for a couple of minutes; the gum will easily wipe off)
  • You can even use Coke to clear your pool from rust; just pour two liters of Coca-Cola inside and it will get the job done


It's not only you that likes Coke, some of the surfaces at home love it too. Give it to them.